讀音:   用"allergen"造句
  • arerugenn アレルゲン
    〈醫〉變(態反)應原biàn(tài fǎn)yìngyuán,變(態反)應素yìngsù.


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  1. The scent is not as much an allergen as an irritant,
  2. Yu didn't always dream of waging war against allergens.
  3. People stay inside homes breathing in allergens their grandparents did not.
  4. But Cry9C has some physical and chemical characteristics of food allergens.
  5. Removing the allergen from a cat does not affect its health.
  6. Smoke can carry the allergens right into your eyes and lungs.
  7. Will scientists unwittingly introduce or create a new allergen or toxin?
  8. The next step will be to eliminate the other two allergens.
  9. Still, removing the other allergens could add to the impact.
  10. Moreover, it's not a known allergen ."


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