發音:   用"ptomaine"造句
putomainn プトマイン
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  1. I want to know can Ptomaine poisoning cause renal failure.
  2. Reed had been sick with ptomaine on the boat.
  3. Examples of mobile kitchens include roach coaches " or " ptomaine wagons ".
  4. She was forced to withdraw due to ptomaine poisoning.
  5. Wright was a strong proponent of the Ptomaine theory for the cause of Scurvy.
  6. The workmen's comp doctor says my son must have had Ptomaine poisioning.
  7. All of her solo music is released on her independent label Publick Ptomaine Music.
  8. In the late summer of 1919, Moran fell ill, attributing his abdominal pains to ptomaine poisoning.
  9. During his college days, Kirstein caught what he liked to call " ballet-ptomaine ."
  10. If I arrive with a ptomaine treat, I won't be invited back . _ C . W.


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