發音:   用"riboflavin"造句
  • ribofurabinn リボフラビン
    〈薬〉核黃素héhuángsù,維生素wéishēngsù B2.
  • rib:    ribu リブ (1)〔肉の〕肋條l ...


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  1. This Riboflavin protocol seems to be beneficial in almost all cases.
  2. An earlier band was called Riboflavin and the Vitamin Ds.
  3. One particular time, the word was " riboflavin ."
  4. It is the principal form in which riboflavin is found in tissues.
  5. This enzyme participates in the metabolism of riboflavin, porphyrin and chlorophyll.
  6. Enriched flour includes thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and iron.
  7. It requires more energy to produce, but is more soluble than riboflavin.
  8. It is rapidly turned to free riboflavin after ingestion.
  9. His first project at Merck was to produce riboflavin.
  10. In riboflavin deficiency, the " curled toes " is a characteristic symptom.


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