發音:   用"roofing"造句
ru-finngu ルーフィング
〈建〉屋面料wūmiànliào,葺屋頂材料qì wūdǐngcáiliào.
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  1. Other chores include painting, roofing, landscaping and brush clearing.
  2. And some roofing material can deteriorate with overuse of the cables.
  3. It also specializes in steel roofing materials and coated sheet steel.
  4. Finish the job by dabbing roofing cement under the new shingle.
  5. The roofing project delayed Shore's finishing touches only slightly.
  6. Astor also makes adhesives and sealants for roofing material and windows.
  7. But roofing nails show through this space by half an inch.
  8. Shiny new aluminum roofing covers houses that relied on thatch before.
  9. After college, he took a job with a roofing wholesaler.
  10. I bolted them together after filling the joints with roofing tar.


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