116th st造句


  1. CASA LATINA, 151 E . 116th St .; ( 212 ) 427-6062.
  2. Behind him is the Baptist Temple Church, 18 West 116th St ., built in 1906 for Congregation Ohab Zedek.
  3. He began the loop out at 116th St and stopped at all but one of the six red lights along the way.
  4. CASA LATINA, 151 E . 116th St ., eet, East Harlem, ( 212 ) 427-6062, www . casalatinamusic . com.
  5. The platforms have name tablets reading " 116TH ST . " in white sans serif lettering on a blue background and black border, but no trim line.
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  7. With Graves'help, Redding ensconced a hive on the roof of the restaurant, at 113 W . 116th St . near Lenox Avenue, and tends the honeybees.
  8. CompuSpeak's revenues have exceeded $ 10 million a year, and 100 employees work at the company, 15095 W . 116th St . on the east side of Interstate 35.
  9. Eventually he became the official minister after Elijah Muhammad transferred Malcolm X to Muhammad's Temple of Islam No . 7 on West 116th St . in Harlem, New York City.
  10. One which would eventually become part of I-69 : interchanges were built at SR 100 and 116th St ., as well as a connection to the under construction I-465.
  11. His father died when he was 3 months old, leaving his mother, Geneva James, to raise two boys alone in their apartment at 224 West 116th St ., between Seventh and Eighth Avenues.
  12. Carl S . Redding, the proprietor and chef of the popular Amy Ruth's restaurant, 113 West 116th St ., said he had entered into a long-term lease on the Madison Avenue building.
  13. On April 14, 1972, Patrolman Philip Cardillo and Vito Navarra responded to a " 10 13 " call at 102 E . 116th St . in Harlem, which was a Nation of Islam mosque where Malcolm X used to preach.


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