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  1. They started receiving Roman citizenship during Trajan's rule ( 98 117 AD ).
  2. The years 87 AD-117 AD were ones of consolidation of the northern frontier area.
  3. The inscription is dated 114-117 AD . Amazaspos is also mentioned in Armazi stele of Vespasian,
  4. Trajan was forced to retreat from Mesopotamia in 117 AD, overseeing a failed siege of Hatra during his withdrawal.
  5. For whatever reason, this was not enough for the emperor Hadrian ( emperor 117 AD-138 AD ).
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  7. English Heritage also records the finding of a Roman coin, a silver denarius of Trajan, dated to 114 117 AD.
  8. The northern Mesopotamian Assyrian kingdom of Adiabene controlled areas of north east Syria between 10 AD and 117 AD, before it was conquered by Rome.
  9. This closeness to the emperor may have been a deciding factor in his execution by Hadrian in the year 117 AD, following the death of the emperor.
  10. Emperor Trajan ( ruled 97 117 AD ) opted for a different approach and decided to conquer the Dacian kingdom, partly in order to seize its vast gold mines.
  11. Later in 115 AD-117 AD a widespread Jewish revolt ( Kitos War ) resulted in thousands of deaths in Cyprus and around the eastern empire and an expulsion of Jews from Cyprus.
  12. On August 9, 117 AD, Trajan suddenly died from edema in Selinus ( Cilicia ) and was succeeded by Hadrian ( r . 117-138 ), who was presumably adopted on his deathbed.
  13. His retreat was in his intentions temporary, because he wanted to renew the attack on Parthia in 118 AD and " make the subjection of the Parthians a reality, " but Trajan died suddenly in August 117 AD.
  14. On at least two occasions the Dacians rebelled against Roman authority : first in 117 AD, which caused the return of Trajan from the east, then in 158 AD when they were put down by Marcus Statius Priscus.
  15. Stanegate, the military road from Carlisle to Corbridge, was built under the Emperor Trajan ( ruled 98 117 AD ) along the line of the future Hadrian's Wall, which was constructed by his successor Hadrian in 122 132 AD.
  16. In 117 AD, Seleucia was burned down by the Roman emperor Trajan during his conquest of Mesopotamia, but the following year it was ceded back to the Parthians by Trajan's successor, Hadrian, then rebuilt in the Parthian style.
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