117 series造句


  1. These were replaced by 117 series EMUs by the end of 1980.
  2. Each railway's use of their 117 series trains is explained below.
  3. From October 2006, midday operation between Lgaki and Maibara made up the majority of the 117 series'use by JR Central.
  4. Again in 2001, 117 series cars were replaced by 221 series units on " Miyako " rapid service on the Nara Line.
  5. In March 2001, the 117 series trains assigned to Miyahara Depot were removed from the Nara Line's " Miyakoji " rapid service.
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  7. 117 series cars retained in special rapid service were used only in early morning and late night runs because of their 115 km / h limit and door configuration.
  8. The 117 series addressed these issues, matched the passenger accommodation offered by competing services and provided JNR with a train designed for the transit conditions in the Keihanshin region.
  9. The remaining 117 series sets operated by JR Central were withdrawn from regular services by spring 2013, with the exception of the Joyful Train " Train117 " trainset.
  10. With the appearance of the 223 series in the May 11, 1999, timetable, capable of operating at between Kusatsu, 117 series trains were withdrawn from special rapid service.
  11. The main character in the OSS 117 series is a secret agent of the Office of Strategic Services, Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, also known by his code name OSS 117.
  12. In 2000, due to use of the newer 221 series, some 117 series trains were withdrawn from " Tambaji " rapid service on the Fukuchiyama Line and reassigned to Hineno Depot for operation on the Wakayama Line.
  13. However, instead of taking the genre seriously, the film parodies the original Andr?Hunebelle OSS 117 series and other conventional spy and Eurospy films such as " Se Tutte le Donne del Mondo " with its sequence on top of the Harper " and the set furniture inspired by Dean Martin's Matt Helm films.


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