1170 ce造句


  1. According to the 1170 CE Bijolia rock inscription of sage Vatsa.
  2. The 1170 CE Bijolia rock inscription of his descendant sage Vatsa.
  3. A 1170 CE sculpture at Chamba depicts Seshasayi Vishnu ( Vishnu reclining on the serpent Shesha ) with the three heads of Vaikuntha form.
  4. For example, the genealogy of the Chahamana dynasty given in the text is nearly same as the one provided by the 1170 CE Bijolia inscription.
  5. It is a crater lake that lies along the southwest wall of the caldera of Mount Hakone, a complex volcano that last erupted in 1170 CE at Owakudani.
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  7. "' Jayadeva "'(, b . ~ 1170 CE ), also known as Jaidev, was a Sanskrit poet, during the reign of Lakshman Sen  the 12th century king of Bengal.
  8. The 1170 CE Bijolia rock inscription of the Achaleshwar temple ) inscription of the Deora Chauhan ruler Lumbha states that Vatsa created the Chahamanas as a new lineage of warriors, after the solar dynasty and the lunar dynasty had ceased to exist.
  9. According to a Kamauli inscription, he was coronated as a king on 21 June 1170 CE . Jayachandra inherited his grandfather elephant corps " ) and " Vividha-vidya-vichara-vachaspati " ( " patron of different branches of learning " ).
  10. However, Jayachandra's reign started in c . 1170 CE, nearly three decades after the end of Jayasimha's reign in c . 1142 CE . During Jayasimha's reign, the king of Varanasi was the Gahadavala ruler Govindachandra, who was Jayachandra's grandfather.
  11. The last extant inscription of Govindachandra is dated 1154 CE . The earliest extant inscription of Vijayachandra is dated 1168 CE . His last inscription is from 1169 CE, while the first inscription of his successor Jayachandra is from 1170 CE . As Govindachandra had already ruled for 40 years by 1154 CE, it can be assumed that his reign ended shortly after 1154 CE . Vijayachandra must have ascended the throne around 1155 CE, and ruled for approximately 15 years.


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