47 street造句


  1. She was also an image of the prestigious clothes 47 Street whose project made in 2009 for professional reasons.
  2. Between 1891 and 1892 more than 2500 trees were planted, 13 parks were refurbished and 47 streets and squares were turned into green areas for all inhabitants of Warsaw.
  3. Throughout her modelling career she has worked for brands such as 47 Street, Sugus Combinados, John Foos, Promesse, Bubbaloo, Pent Ten, Coca Cola, Gillette.
  4. Lingerie line " Sweet Victorian " and label " 47 Street " are sponsors of the show and also responsible for the wardrobe of most female characters.
  5. Patio Olmos remains C髍doba's most important shopping mall, with brands like Lacoste, Puma, La Martina, Carmen Steffens, Levi's, 47 Street, Adidas, Swarovski, among others.
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  7. This highway is also 49 Street in Hardisty, 53 Street in Irma, 47 Street in Mannville, 50 Street in Myrnam, 40 Street in St . Paul, and 101 Avenue in Lac La Biche.
  8. Rivero's modeling career boomed, being the face of both national and international companies such as Nike, TOMS Shoes, Agatha Ru韟 de la Padra, La Casa de las Botas, Sweet Victorian, Todo Moda, 47 Street and Roho.
  9. Closures of Broadway in the Theater District south of 47 Street and around Herald Square in 2009 resulted in major changes to southbound service, with the northern half of the route shifting to 7th Avenue before returning to Broadway in the vicinity of Union Square.


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