a big hurt造句


  1. This is a big hurt for our coaches, players and fans.
  2. "It's a big hurt,"
  3. Even for " The Big Easy " it's been a big hurt.
  4. It put a big hurt on Zook and he was still feeling it Monday.
  5. But if I have a big hurt, I can't play ."
  6. It's difficult to find a big hurt in a sentence. 用a big hurt造句挺難的
  7. "Obviously, it is a big hurt because it's hard replace that kind of production.
  8. It's way ahead of everyone else _ " This puts a big hurt on them,"
  9. The final blow to the Red Sox was administered by Thomas, a Big Hurt even if it came in a small dose.
  10. Neither does the prospect of shrinking reimbursement to physicians and hospitals, a big hurt to put on rural and inner-city hospitals.
  11. Somebody is in for a big hurt when that happens, and Friday that was exactly what Price applied to Southern Hills and the rest of the field.
  12. Pick the wrong trainer, however, and you'll be spinning your wheels at best, setting yourself up for a big hurt, at worst.
  13. So while talking about a pending strike may be appropriate, as Costas points out, it hopefully won't throw a big hurt on what Frank " Big Hurt"
  14. Without sufficient rest between activity sessions to permit healing, these mini-injuries finally add up to a big hurt, which diminishes performance and eventually makes it impossible to continue the activity.
  15. "It's a big hurt because I've treated two of these guys like my best friends and almost like my son and I feel they've turned their backs on me.
  16. Indeed, Carnoustie Golf Links put a big hurt on the first round of the British Open on Thursday, and the only player to match par was a former greenskeeper from Australia whom hardly anyone knows.


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