a big rig造句

"a big rig"是什麽意思   


  1. A big rig punches a big hole in the air.
  2. A big rig rear-ended a school bus filled with children.
  3. A big rig with a full load needs several hundred feet to stop.
  4. The Ford has the best of the three, like a big rig.
  5. A big rig rear-ended a school bus filled with children leaving.
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  7. With no experience driving a big rig, Jack blows out the transmission.
  8. McCarthy and the driver became friends, and McCarthy learned to drive a big rig.
  9. Meanwhile, you swerve to avoid a big rig that just cut in front of you.
  10. ATLANTA-CRASH _ A big rig crashes into a metro Atlanta bridge and bursts into flames.
  11. She says it is just too frightening to climb into the sleeping compartment of a big rig.
  12. The van's driver was driving about 65 mph and passed a big rig, Willett said.
  13. As he runs a red light he is struck by a big rig and the truck is obliterated.
  14. You wouldn't be surprised to see him pull away in a big rig or on a Harley.
  15. _In Canyon Country, two men were trapped in a big rig when 4 feet of water flooded.
  16. It's hard to pull a big rig up to a McDonald's drive-in window.
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