a bugs life造句


  1. "` A Bugs Life'offers a lot of consumer opportunities, " she said.
  2. "` A Bugs Life'is the one film assured to be a success because of the ` Toy Story'reputation and ` Rugrats'is getting a real positive buzz,"
  3. He began working on a wide variety of projects including records, commercials, television shows and films including many Disney and Pixar animated features such as " Toy Story ", " Toy Story 2 ", " A Bugs Life ", " Tarzan ".
  4. Stanton : No, I also got that same thing with'A Bugs Life .'No, I still kill those freaking ants whenever they come into my house . ( Laughs . ) I hate to say it but somebody chose sushi for the ('Finding Nemo') wrap party . . . . I don't know if I'd ever want to go fishing again, but once it's already prepared and on my plate I don't really think about it.
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