a chance of snow造句

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  1. The forecast two days later was for freezing drizzle and a chance of snow.
  2. Forecasters are calling for a chance of snow Saturday as the race heads into the French Alps.
  3. In Bologna, Italy, visiting Betis could face sub-zero ( Celsius ) temperatures with a chance of snow.
  4. There is a chance of snow in some parts of the state, which could further dampen turnout.
  5. It's Game 3, with a chance of snow _ a fine time to be watching at home.
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  7. Temperatures dropped during the weekend and rain was forecast for Tuesday, with a chance of snow at higher elevations.
  8. More snow is possible Thursday night and Friday from Atlanta northward, and there's a chance of snow on Christmas Eve.
  9. Forecasters predict only a chance of snow this week with warmer temperatures on the way by the end of the week.
  10. A chance of snow showers or flurries was forecast during the night in northern Pennsylvania, New York state and New England.
  11. Ontkean's other recent work has included " A Chance of Snow, " another family film, which premiered last week on cable's Lifetime.
  12. By Wednesday, temperatures are expected to be relatively warmer with the high near 30, a low near 20 and a chance of snow.
  13. A lull in the icy weather was predicted for Thursday, but there was a chance of snow Thursday night, the National Weather Service said.
  14. If you live at higher elevations where there really is a chance of snow, check out a new variety called Icicle pansies from Fernlea Flowers.
  15. With temperatures in Pittsburgh expected to dip into the 20s and a chance of snow today and Wednesday, Brocail likely would not have pitched in the Pirates series.
  16. It will be cold, rainy and bitter in Cleveland tomorrow night, and the forecast for Game 4 calls for temperatures in the low 30s and a chance of snow.
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