a change in me造句


  1. "It's a change in me from the early 1970s,"
  2. "There's nothing nobody could say or do that could create a change in me ."
  3. People who know me-- my family and close friends-- say they've seen a change in me.
  4. After she is able to nurse him back to health, she explains the transformation she seems to have gone through while she was with the Beast ( " A Change in Me " ).
  5. In fact, they said, a song ( " There's Been a Change in Me " ) was recently added, an unusual step four years into a show's run.
  6. It's difficult to find a change in me in a sentence. 用a change in me造句挺難的
  7. Similar cast albums followed suit, including Australian and Japanese recordings in 1994 and 1996, respectively . " A Change in Me " has yet to be included on any official English-language cast recordings.
  8. During her run in the show Alan Menken wrote and composed a new song for the musical, titled " A Change in Me ", which he specially wrote and composed for Braxton, and was still being used in the musical as of late July 2014.
  9. In Nashville, Coben wrote for a variety of artists, but was especially associated with Eddy Arnold; he wrote " There's Been a Change in Me " and " I Wanna Play House With You, " two # 1 country hits for Arnold in 1951, and went on to write many other songs for him, often with Charles Grean, who was Arnold's manager-" Eddy's Song ", a # 1 country hit in 1953; " Free Home Demonstration " ( # 4 country ) in 1954, and others.


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