a change is gonna come造句

"a change is gonna come"是什麽意思   


  1. "A Change Is Gonna Come " and " People Get Ready ."
  2. A change is gonna come : Even bird clocks may feed my imagination
  3. "It's been a long time comin'but I know a change is gonna come ."
  4. Dylan sang " A Change Is Gonna Come, " made famous by Sam Cooke.
  5. Redding also released his much-loved cover of " A Change Is Gonna Come " in 1965.
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  7. 'Cause of you, a change is gonna come.
  8. "A Change Is Gonna Come " was the first episode not to feature Washington's character, Burke.
  9. The civil rights movement picked up on " A Change Is Gonna Come " with near immediacy.
  10. Sam Cooke-- A Change Is Gonna Come
  11. Brownstone; " A Change is Gonna Come,"
  12. They listened to nearly 20 and eventually chose Sam Cooke's " A Change Is Gonna Come ."
  13. The last song on Solid Gold FM was " A Change Is Gonna Come " by Sam Cooke.
  14. "A Change Is Gonna Come " became an anthem for the Civil Rights Movement, and is widely considered Cooke's best composition.
  15. Bobby added in instrumentation to several of Cooke's albums including " Night Beat " and " A Change Is Gonna Come ".
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