a change of face造句


  1. "A Delicate Balance " is a change of face.
  2. "I don't want to see just a change of faces ."
  3. They say it's time for a change of face and a change of pace.
  4. The big question for Fidelity and the investment world generally is : Will a change of faces and rules be enough?
  5. But the result might merely be a change of face, as in the old days of everlasting one-party rule in Mexico.
  6. It's difficult to find a change of face in a sentence. 用a change of face造句挺難的
  7. There has to be a change of face, a change of policy, a change of dialogue, " Paul Bigley told British Broadcasting Corp . TV.
  8. But it remains unclear whether a change of faces in the Kremlin will lead to economic growth, an end to corruption and meaningful leadership as Russia continues to struggle.
  9. In May 2009, he was profiled in a three-part documentary entitled " A Change of Face, " which aired on MSNBC-TV ( episode 0427 ).
  10. Last year the British electorate wanted a change of faces and a change of style, a sense of energy and purpose, something fresh and new _ but no essential change in political direction.
  11. Between 1986 and 1987, Le-Nguyen toured with Mary Coustas in Handspan Theatre s production " A Change of Face " written by Andrea Lemon and directed by Carmelina di Guglielmo.
  12. Charmcaster officially became the girl's nemesis in " A Change of Face " after a failed attempt with body swap spell causes her to lose her spell book to Gwen while she is trapped in a females'juvenile hall.
  13. "It will only be a change of faces, but the U . S . policy will remain the same and has one basic goal : blind and permanent bias in favor of Israel, " said Syrian factory employee Marwan Mohammed.
  14. But the people attending a Lingle fund-raiser the other night _ many of them former Democrats like Jan Shishido, others Democrats making a rare crossover vote, and still others among the state's Republican minority _ are demanding a change of face and style.
  15. On the floor of the Senate on Monday, Sen . Tom Daschle, the Democratic leader, said that with Frist's new leadership, " there may have been a change of face, but there has not been a change of heart ."


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