a change of hobbit造句


  1. Ellison began a week-long stint literally in the front window of A Change of Hobbit, writing a complete story each day for six days as a fund-raiser . ( This was the first in a long series of such stunts for other bookstores and in other locations, although Ellison had written short stories to order earlier, notably " O Ye of Little Faith " at the 1965 Westercon in Long Beach, California, to three words  " serape ", " polyp ", and " minotaur "  provided at an auction by the winning bidder, Larry Niven, whose last name is that of the story s protagonist . ) On Monday, February 23, 1976, Ellison wrote the 3000-word story, " Strange Wine, " subsequently reprinted ( along with other stories written the same week ) in his 1978 collection of the same name.
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