a dollar造句


  1. Ticket prices for outfield seats have been reduced by a dollar.
  2. But for a dollar, it can't be beat.
  3. Guys on the beach charge a dollar for the iguana photo.
  4. "I won a dollar, " she said.
  5. "Clothes for a dollar, " he said.
  6. It's difficult to find a dollar in a sentence. 用a dollar造句挺難的
  7. In Honduras, a dollar is worth something . ".
  8. Never place a dollar sign beside the price of a dish.
  9. They're anywhere they can make a dollar ."
  10. Inexplicably, a dollar bill drifts by on a lazy wind.
  11. Then he dug into his wallet and fished out a dollar.
  12. Vanguard has steadily cut its levy as dollars have flooded in.
  13. With a dollar and a potato you got into the park.
  14. Convertibility links each peso in circulation to a dollar in reserves.
  15. If we can make a dollar, so much the better.
  16. Growth in Europe is too fragile to sustain a dollar decline.
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