a dolls house造句


  1. Another bomb, hidden in a doll house, was defused.
  2. A doll house and princess castle are available as of 2008.
  3. So she built a doll house; a lovely Tudor.
  4. Soon they were designing and building a doll house.
  5. "I built Alyssa a doll house, " she said proudly.
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  7. Her candied house is a doll house that later becomes a Victorian drawing room.
  8. In one poem, he imagines himself as a figure in a doll house.
  9. For a time, we tried to turn it into something resembling a doll house.
  10. On Broadway, a doll house sat on a green mound onstage as the audience entered.
  11. The furnishings are real, but the setting evokes an imaginary scene the way a doll house does.
  12. With its walls torn away, 313 looked like a doll house in need of a good straightening up.
  13. Next we went to his in New Orleans, where he had a doll house in the French Quarter.
  14. "Basically it opened up like a doll house, deconstructed and reconstructed itself, " said Messina.
  15. It reminded me of a doll house we had bought for our daughter Mimi on one of her first Christmases.
  16. Jeremy returns with a doll house, a miniature version of the house in America where the children grew up.
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