a donde vas造句


  1. Para ver a donde va a parar gran parte de ese credito hay que dar una vuelta en auto por las congestionadas calles panamenas.
  2. "A Donde Va " contains bowed strings with a string ensemble, an electric piano playing, ambient synthesizers, a brass horn ensemble and hand drums.
  3. Los Bukis, led by Marco Antonio Sol韘, were the second artists to reach number-one with their album, " A Donde Vas ".
  4. "Nadie Sabe A Donde Va " is inspired by Atocha train station . " Ni Tu Ni Yo " is the only duet on the album, as it features Mexican ranchera singer Paquita la del Barrio.
  5. The song was written by Martha Pesante, Edwin Perez and Pedro Polanco and published by Sony / ATV Music Publishing, LLC . According to " Oxigeno ", " Cupido " along with " Peligro De Extinci髇 ", " Real G4 Life ", " No Hay ", " A Donde Va ", and " Caminando Por La Vida " were the most popular songs off the album.
  6. It's difficult to find a donde vas in a sentence. 用a donde vas造句挺難的
  7. The former album includes a pair of telenovela opening themes, " Vamos a Dejarlo " ( which was used in " Esa Muchacha de Ojos Caf?" ) and " Yo Que Te Am?" ( for the soap opera " Enamorada " ), while the latter album was his international breakthrough, with singles like " Tan Enamorados ", " A Donde Va el Amor " and " S髄o con un Beso ", that became " Billboard"


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