a hasty settlement造句

"a hasty settlement"是什麽意思   


  1. One night last winter, a hasty settlement of tents was hit by a freak storm of heavy snow and subzero cold.
  2. Despite the reports, lawyers for investors, creditors and employees are wary of a hasty settlement, said attorney Bill Federman, who represents some of the investors and employees.
  3. The successful airstrike dealt a devastating blow to Sadr and led to a hasty settlement with Grand Ayatollah Sistani the following morning allowed Al-Sadr and the remnants of his militia to leave Najaf.
  4. But soon the course of the ship opens the entrance of the Medway, with its men-of-war moored in line, and the long wooden jetty of Port Victoria, with its few low buildings like the beginning of a hasty settlement upon a wild and unexplored shore.
  5. If the players are going to be angry with anybody, it should be with the head of their union, Donald Fehr, and the player " leaders " like Brett Butler who assured them that if they went on strike in early August last year, they would scare the owners into a hasty settlement.
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