a pied piper造句

"a pied piper"是什麽意思   


  1. He could get attention and they saw him as a Pied Piper.
  2. Risher gets a kick as a Pied Piper.
  3. John is like a pied piper up there.
  4. He was always driving forward, gathering people behind him like a pied piper.
  5. Colleagues describe him as a Pied Piper; employees routinely line up for his autograph.
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  7. "He was like a Pied Piper, " said his sister Bernadette.
  8. Like a Pied Piper of sorts?
  9. On " Happy People, " Kelly presents himself as a pied piper of positive vibes.
  10. The speaker is like a Pied Piper taking the members down a path without knowing the facts.
  11. State Sen . Roy Goodman called Lindsay a pied piper who attracted talented young people to government.
  12. Mientus made history in his role as Pied Piper by playing the first openly gay supervillain ever.
  13. Fliegner describes Cullen as a Pied Piper who leads impressionable students astray and encourages them to question authority.
  14. The Bank of Boston Celebrity Series needed a Pied Piper, and the one it found is Robert Kapilow.
  15. Pitino makes it so easy for them to follow him through the bluegrass, a Pied Piper in leather loafers.
  16. "Like a Pied Piper, " said Al Outlaw, who coached one of his AAU teams.
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