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  1. It is not the type which will become obsolete after a point of time.
  2. Kora had a special liking to his youngest son, who at a point of time falls into clearly planned allegation of a murder.
  3. "I'm just at a point of time in life and with my family that I'm not sure that that would be in our best interest,"
  4. "I'm just at a point of time in my life and with my family where I'm not sure that that would be in our best interest.
  5. It was all done at a point of time when other churches and communities of Travancore praised divan or feared to utter a word against the divan.
  6. It's difficult to find a point of time in a sentence. 用a point of time造句挺難的
  7. "I like that the teams are so different . . . . The entries will reflect a point of time, even if they're not necessarily all buildable and waterproof ."
  8. After a point of time, Bhagyaraj is separated from his village and stays on the other side of the river for seven days as he had fought with his fellow villagers.
  9. Privately, Clara asks the Doctor about this point in time, knowing the moon exists in Earth's future, but the Doctor himself is not clear, as this is a point of time in flux.
  10. Later at a point of time when she felt that this is not what she wants, the same time she met Kuchipudi guru C . R . Acharya who came to the town.
  11. :: This is a consequence of the fact that dates are specified " within a period " ( month, or year ), while times are specified " relative to a point of time ".
  12. Concerned with the management of cash flow in and out of the firm, within the firm, and cash balances held by the firm at a point of time by financing deficit or investing surplus cash.
  13. "I'm just at a point of time in my life and with my family where I'm not sure that that would be in our best interest, " he said of moving to Washington and joining the Bush team.
  14. At a point of time the . 460 Weatherby Magnum was offered for sale as an over the counter item in a few Mark V rifle lines, however, at present it is only available in the Mark V Deluxe.
  15. In doing so, Hughes highlighted a key defining difference between certain electronic devices used in evidence gathering; namely that breathalyser and speed guns capture a measurement of an activity at a point of time that cannot be re-captured again at another point in time.
  16. In context of " ex-ante ", the Swedish economist Myrdal also dealt with the question of the unit of time, which he proposed to solve by reducing the actual time-dimension of macroeconomic variables such as income, saving and investment to a point of time:
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