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  1. The observations which follow are intended to define a point of view and to indicate a program for the study of urban life .
  2. A point of view about institution and its character
  3. Others are made by choosing a point of view
  4. Good is a point of view , anakin
  5. But let me offer a point of view here
  6. It's difficult to find a point of view in a sentence. 用a point of view造句挺難的
  7. Ugliness is a point of view : an ulcer is wonderful to a pathologist
  8. Mr . o . no . attitude means point of view . you can have a point of view on things without being identified
  9. This is rather a structure of ontologies from a point of view of their usage than a division of one general ontology
  10. It is for this reason that often those of great fame have such abusive energy fields from a point of view of harmlessness
  11. From the latter , i think qian mu ' s educational thought is based on his historical thought and he explained them from a point of view of pedagogy
  12. This article tries to eye with chinese hotel industry from a point of view of regulation economy , and answers that hotel industry should be regulated by whom , and how
  13. Be that as it might , the scaffold of the pillory was a point of view that revealed to hester prynne the entire track along which she had been treading , since her happy infancy
  14. Then some typical problems during the different periods are pointed out . such division is a point of view to sum up and classify the problems encountered in the implementation
  15. Try to understand a point of view that is different from your own , few things are 100 percent one way or another . examine the demands you make on others
  16. By exploring its legal position and analyzing its legal traits , this thesis presents a point of view - intellectual property protection of domain name in the form of domain name rights
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