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  1. Holbein painted her with high forehead, heavy-lidded eyes and a pointed chin.
  2.  The Duke was a slim, delicate-looking man, somewhat above middle height, with slender fragile hands . & His hair was dark and slightly wavy, his forehead broad, his face oval with a rather thin but well moulded mouth, and a pointed chin that showed great determination.
  3. A mutation in TAF1 was identified that contributes to a phenotype with severe intellectual disability ( ID ), a characteristic intergluteal crease, and distinctive facial features, including a broad, upturned nose, sagging cheeks, downward sloping palpebral fissures, prominent periorbital ridges, deep-set eyes, relative hypertelorism, thin upper lip, a high-arched palate, prominent ears with thickened helices, and a pointed chin This is a non-synonymous change in TAF1 that results in an isoleucine ( hydrophobic ) to threonine ( polar ) change on the 1337th amino acid residue in the protein ( NP _ 001273003.1 ).
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