a poisonous plant造句

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  1. Because it is a poisonous plant, goats and sheep do not approach it.
  2. Very slight differences can mark a poisonous plant from one that is none poisonous.
  3. "Lupinus formosus " has been cited as a poisonous plant.
  4. Janice starts to hide and stumbles upon a poisonous plant.
  5. If he consumed a poisonous plant, he would chew tea leaves to counteract the poison.
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  7. Should a part of a poisonous plant be ingested, call a poison control center immediately.
  8. Elder is cited as a poisonous plant for mammals, and as a weed in certain habitats.
  9. Belladonna, for instance, is a poisonous plant; small amounts of its alkaloids are used to make certain prescription medications.
  10. The Food and Drug Administration is warning people not to eat a poisonous plant mistakenly labeled as " tasty ."
  11. "' Tutin "'is a poisonous plant derivative found in the New Zealand antagonist of the glycine receptor, and has powerful convulsant effects.
  12. "Tripterygium regelii " is listed as a poisonous plant in the U . S . Food and Drug Administration Poisonous Plant Database.
  13. Also, he learned the paradox of nature which is : the plant near a poisonous plant has the antidote of the poison.
  14. "' Brunfelsamidine "'is a poisonous plant derivative found in several plants from the " Brunfelsia " family, which has convulsant and neurotoxic effects.
  15. The ministry says there are at least 11 species of magic mushrooms, technically classified as poisonous plants and not drugs, being sold in Japan.
  16. Even if you come across a poisonous plant that looks dead, beware, because the urushiol can remain potent for as long as 100 years.
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