a strong body造句

"a strong body"是什麽意思   


  1. He has a strong body , but rather thin legs
  2. Mountain climbing calls for a strong body and a brave heart
  3. Mountain climbing calls for a strong body and a brave heart
  4. Iron is an important element to build a strong body system
  5. Everyone needs to eat well if he or she wants to have a strong body
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  7. I do early f * ck everyday , so that i can have a strong body to protect you
  8. Tony is interested in playing in every game , but he must develop a stronger body first
  9. When we want to work for our country in the future , first of all we should have a strong body and sound mind
  10. I like sporting , making friends and all niceness , so i have hard teeth , a good appetite , a strong body , in a word , i ' m a good egg
  11. Eating nutritious food fuels the body for training and helps speed recovery by replenishing depletes energy and nutrient stores and by providing the building blocks for a stronger body
  12. Listening to the performance of some of the contestants in the quiz the hkma sponsored on rthk2 over the last few weeks , it is clear that there is a strong body of knowledge in the community about financial and economic issues - even on some very esoteric points
  13. While taking advantage of its effects of building up a strong body , we should , by means of perfecting the teaching targets of public physical education , of adjusting the structure of curriculum arrangements , of reforming the teaching content and methods , especially of applying motion - prescription teaching , explore the physical education functions of public physical education and make active efforts to look for the effective strategies for psychological education in public physical education


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