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  1. I am a seasoned and honorable english teacher with a unique way to train both fellow teachers and office personnel .
  2. Crazy english is a unique way to learn english
    (瘋狂英語是學習英語的一種獨特的方法。 )
  3. Database engine tuning advisor supports this scenario in a unique way
  4. We will promote your products and service on your site in a unique way
  5. Each person has a unique way of seeing , hearing , touching , tasting and thinking
  6. It's difficult to find a unique way in a sentence. 用a unique way造句挺難的
  7. But no mathematical principle forces the extra dimensions to fold in a unique way
  8. When the language is that of music , it combines in a unique way with words
  9. Father in heaven , i just pause and i ask that you , lord god , would you visit me in a unique way
  10. The cpli program blends the different learning methods in a unique way to develop soft and hard 1 dr
  11. Each autolayout provides a unique way to arrange information elements such as text , graphics , and tables
  12. Luck seems to be on everyone ' s mind as the new year starts , and people in brazil have a unique way of attracting it
  13. Introduced a unique way to control and monitor lonworks network remotely , which is more cheaper , more steady , compared to other ways
  14. And that total is growing fast because the web offers a unique way to reach elite chinese with money to spend
  15. A photogragher at a dinner for lawyers came up with a unique way of getting them to smile for the camera . he said , sayfees
    在一次律師餐會上,攝影師想到了一個令他們在鏡頭前微笑的獨特方法。他說說酬金’ 。
  16. I am a seasoned and honorable english teacher with a unique way to train both fellow teachers and office personnel
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