a united kingdom造句


  1. Initially, the Taliban believed Mastrogiacomo was a United Kingdom officer.
  2. Robin Cook said at a United Kingdom-Caribbean forum in Nassau.
  3. He readily accepted and Denmark ceased to exist as a united kingdom.
  4. Following a United Kingdom Government under Prime Minister Tony Blair.
  5. Joe McElderry recorded the song for a United Kingdom release.
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  7. is a United Kingdom labour law case concerning the scope of employment.
  8. City & Guilds is a United Kingdom vocational education organisation.
  9. Following this, she became a United Kingdom and France.
  10. The company holds a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating Licence.
  11. The company held a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating Licence.
  12. is a United Kingdom human rights, consumer protection and contract law case.
  13. In 2006 the company launched a United Kingdom division.
  14. He was a United Kingdom delegate to many international scientific assemblies and symposia.
  15. A United Kingdom online magazine mentioned him, generating another 3, 200 hits.
  16. Thus Lotharingia, as a united kingdom, ceased to exist for some years.
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