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  1. Susan hires Bradley Fox ( Aaron Jeffery ) as deputy editor to take on some of her workload.
  2. New faces include Leah Purcell, Philip Quast, Anita Hegh, Aaron Jeffery, Genevieve Hegney, Nicholas Hope and Ewen Leslie.
  3. Aaron Jeffery returned for one episode in season eight, where his character Alex Ryan was killed when a large tree branch fell on him.
  4. The series won awards for most popular Australian drama series, most popular Australian program, most popular actress ( Chappell ) and most popular actor ( Aaron Jeffery ).
  5. Other new characters, who did not appear in the film, include brothers Alex ( played by Aaron Jeffery ) and Nick Ryan ( played by Myles Pollard ).
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  7. It was announced that not only would Zoe Naylor would be leaving, but so would the last remaining original cast member, Aaron Jeffery, though they would both return.
  8. His young partner, Wayne ( Aaron Jeffery ), has the hardheaded aggression of a man more eager to show off his biceps than what he picked up at the police academy.
  9. The cast also features Jeremy Sims, Aaron Jeffery, Nicholas Eadie, Brendan Cowell, Freya Stafford, Josh Lawson, John Orcisk, William Zappa, Heather Mitchell and Deirdre Rubenstein.
  10. 14-year-old Danny Hobson ( Sebastian Gregory ) is a loner, who lives with his police officer father Alan ( Aaron Jeffery ) and stepmother Sherrie ( Peta Wilson ).
  11. Aaron Jeffery commented to " The Daily Telegraph " that his desire to depart from the show was due to the new direction the show was taking, which he did not like.
  12. Bridie Carter ( Tess ), Simmone Jade Mackinnon ( Stevie ), Aaron Jeffery ( Alex ), Brett Tucker ( Dave ), and Michala Banas ( Kate ) return as main cast members.
  13. Bridie Carter ( Tess ), Simmone Jade Mackinnon ( Stevie ), Rachael Carpani ( Jodi ), Aaron Jeffery ( Alex ), and Myles Pollard ( Nick ) all return to the series main cast this season.
  14. Cast : Hugo Weaving ( Eddie Rodney Fleming ), Tony Martin ( John Steele ), Aaron Jeffery ( Wayne Prior ), Paul Sonkkila ( Jackson ), Michael Caton ( Barry Walls ) and Peter McCauley ( Hudson ).
  15. The leading cast members included : Andy Anderson, Georgie Parker, Peter Phelps, Shane Connor, Deborra-Lee Furness, Danny Adcock, Wayne Pygram, Tottie Goldsmith, Liddy Clark, Aaron Jeffery, Tayler Kane and Max Phipps.
  16. Bridie Carter ( Tess ), Simmone Jade Mackinnon ( Stevie ), Rachael Carpani ( Jodi ), Aaron Jeffery ( Alex ), Michala Banas ( Kate ), Brett Tucker ( Dave ), and Jonny Pasvolsky ( Rob / Matt ) all returned as main cast members from the previous season.
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