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  1. The Climb Aaron Jeoffrey Star Song Records _ Reviewed by Simon Gonzalez
  2. During their career, Aaron Jeoffrey had fourteen Top 5 radio singles, nine of which made it to No . 1.
  3. They went on to form a unique son / father duo called Aaron Jeoffrey that achieved great success in the CCM scene.
  4. It's fitting that Aaron Jeoffrey chose to call this new release " The Climb, " because with their third album the father / son duo reaches new heights.
  5. Numerous Christian / gospel artists have recorded her songs, such as : Aaron Jeoffrey, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, The Barrett Sisters, The Blackwood Brothers, The Booth Brothers, Bobby Jones, Ron Kenoly, Doyle Lawson, Mark Lowry, Janet Paschal, Sandi Patty, Karen Peck, The Speer Family, Albertina Walker, Vickie Winans, Karen Wheaton and Jimmy Swaggart,
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