aaron jones造句


  1. Aaron Jones rushes in, drooling for a sack.
  2. Aaron Jones hit Foley with such force that it dislocated his right shoulder.
  3. But on the Jets'last play from scrimmage, Aaron Jones smashed him.
  4. In a dissolution of the partnership, Aaron Jones outbid Schwartz for the colt.
  5. Kicker Aaron Jones successfully converted his 155th consecutive point-after attempt, a school record.
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  7. James Brown, his right tackle, was blocking Aaron Jones, the Patriots'defensive end.
  8. Bears kicker Aaron Jones missed a 45-yard field goal attempt wide right as time expired.
  9. Aaron Jones, a backup defensive end for the Patriots, also got downfield fast on the punt.
  10. The company was founded by Brooks and Chris Tickner Aaron Jones, and Ben Sulsky ( Sauce123 ).
  11. Baffert even got into a bitter public dispute with one of his well-heeled owners, Aaron Jones.
  12. But Ms . Yorke's father, Aaron Jones Yorke, was not, at least not at first.
  13. Glenn Foley ( Jets ) was lost until next season after suffering a dislocated shoulder when leveled by Aaron Jones of the Patriots.
  14. Leggo Poker's team of instructors, including former owner and lead video producer Aaron Jones, transitioned to the new website.
  15. Aaron Jones had a career-best 233 yards receiving for Utah State ( 3-4, 2-0 Big West ).
  16. The colt was named by Aaron Jones for an old gold mining site at Lemhi Creek in Idaho where he owned a cabin retreat.
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