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  1. Green Bay used the picks to select Javon Walker and Aaron Kampman.
  2. Packers defensive end, Aaron Kampman had three sacks in the game.
  3. Hawkeyes defensive end Aaron Kampman's story is one that Iowans never tire of hearing.
  4. Defensive end Aaron Kampman recovered to give the Packers the ball at Carolina's 31.
  5. As a senior in 2001, Aaron Kampman started all 12 games for Iowa at defensive end.
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  7. Al Harris and Aaron Kampman were also picked to play for the NFC Pro Bowl team as starters.
  8. On third down Rams quarterback Marc Bulger was hit by Aaron Kampman in which Bulger fumbled the bal.
  9. Jones became the permanent starting outside linebacker when Aaron Kampman signed on with the Jacksonville Jaguars during the 2010 offseason.
  10. On 3rd and Charlie Frye dropped back to pass and DE Aaron Kampman sacked him for an 8-yard loss.
  11. Rookie Aaron Kampman, who is playing with a heavy cast on his broken right hand, or newly acquired Keith McKenzie could start.
  12. The Packers sacked Kitna six times, a career high of three from defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, and two sacks from Aaron Kampman.
  13. On defense, the main competition for starting jobs in the new 3 4 scheme took place at outside linebacker position opposite Aaron Kampman.
  14. Bigby had two big hits, one that led to a Marcus Pollard fumble that was recovered by Green Bay's defensive end Aaron Kampman.
  15. Aaron Kampman returned for his senior season on the defensive line, while fellow senior Mike Dolezal looked to replace LeVar Woods and Derrick Davison at linebacker.
  16. On November 1, 2007 Aaron Kampman was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month for October, having recorded 5.5 sacks during that time period.
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