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  1. He attended the filmmaking program there and graduated in 2004 with a BFA in directing and was roommates with Aaron Katz.
  2. Friday's lineup includes Sound Tribe Sector 9, the Aaron Katz Band, and Karl Denson's Tiny Universe.
  3. He is appearing in a role in 2014 Icelandic film " Land Ho ! " directed by Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens.
  4. Aykroyd said Douglas even did his own stunt work in an alley scene when the three take on a mugger played by screenwriter Allan Aaron Katz.
  5. "' Aaron Katz "'( born October 29, 1981 ) is an award-winning independent American filmmaker from Portland, Oregon.
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  7. ""'Diamonds " "'is a 1999 American comedy film directed by John Mallory Asher and written by Allan Aaron Katz.
  8. After he had agreed to play the role, Douglas helped screenwriter Allan Aaron Katz and director John Asher reconfigure the story in order to depict Harry recovering from a stroke.
  9. The whole father-son dynamic is a key element in " Diamonds, " and unfortunately it is the most trite aspect of Allan Aaron Katz's script.
  10. Justin Chang of " Variety " said that " Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson give pitch-perfect performances in this gently elegiac road comedy from helmers Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz ."
  11. "Diamonds, " directed by John Asher from a screenplay by Allan Aaron Katz, is a made-to-order star vehicle that gives Douglas unlimited rein to flex his acting muscles.
  12. The first, " Land Ho ! " ( from executive producer David Gordon Green ) reunited him with close friend and director Aaron Katz, alongside " Pilgrim Song " director Martha Stephens.
  13. Organizer Aaron Katz assures me it's all on the up-and-up, but my suspicions were only further aroused when I learned the secret meetings were sponsored by . . . the Franklin Mint!
  14. For a quarter of a century, Aaron Katz has spent every weekday in a tiny Manhattan office surrounded by yellowed papers and Cold War era posters, diligently making phone call after phone call seeking support for a cause that is fading into history.
  15. The film was directed by John Asher ( who made the execrable " Kounterfeit " ) from a screenplay by comedian Allan Aaron Katz, and it succeeds where other, better movies fail : In giving the old folks a chance to shine.
  16. Tickets on sale Saturday at 10 a . m . Max Creek, Entrain, Moon Boot Lover, Ulu, Tom Constanten, and the Aaron Katz Band are at the fourth annual Wormtown Music Fest Sept . 6-8 at Whippernon Country Club in Russell.
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