aaron kelly造句


  1. Aaron Kelly signed a free agent contract with the Atlanta Falcons.
  2. Lampkin is appointed by Laura Roslin and Aaron Kelly.
  3. In Aaron Kelly served as the ship's LSO, responsible for the comings and goings of spacecraft.
  4. With 44 seconds left, Will Proctor threw a 17-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Aaron Kelly.
  5. After Cullen Harper completed several completions to Spiller, Jacoby Ford, and Aaron Kelly, the Tigers had the ball on the Duke 1-yard line.
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  7. The Tigers would capitalize on the drive, completing the drive with a 4-yard touchdown pass from Harper to Aaron Kelly to take a 24 17 lead.
  8. Magnus returned to the finale of " American Idol " on May 26, 2010 and sang " Aaron Kelly, who were both joined by the Bee Gees.
  9. A large number of the crew are seen joining Adama when he retook the ship, and several of the mutineers, including Aaron Kelly and several marines, switched sides during the battle.
  10. Clemson scored after two passes from Cullen Harper  the first a 31-yard strike to Aaron Kelly, and the second a 28-yard touchdown pass to C . J . Spiller.
  11. As one of 18 deckhands aboard Limitless, the 315-foot yacht of Leslie Wexner, the founder of the Limited, 23-year-old Aaron Kelly had a stateroom complete with entertainment center; he made $ 26, 000 a year, with benefits.
  12. Garcia was his roommate throughout the season until he was eliminated in the Top 9 . Lee stated that he was generally close to all the Top 10 Idols, but he is also especially close to Siobhan Magnus, Katie Stevens, Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly, and Alex Lambert and Lacey Brown from the Top 16.
  13. Harper need only throw for 122 yards, and leading rusher James Davis rush for 8 yards, for this to be the first Clemson team in history to have a 3, 000-yard passer, 1, 000-yard rusher, and 1, 000 receiver ( WR Aaron Kelly exceeded 1, 000 for the year during game-winning drive against South Carolina ).


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