1. Then we visited the male and female prisons of abancay respectively and showed a video lecture in each prison
  2. After we presented a video lecture at the university of abancay , we noticed that the young students and some teachers were very interested in knowing about master s teachings
  3. Lima recently , a quan yin messenger and our local fellow initiates went to the provinces of abancay and cusco in the southern part of peru and presented ten video lectures , which were attended by thousands of people
  4. On the following day , through dr . luz s arrangement , we contacted the local mayor and obtained his permission to present a video lecture in the abancay city hall theater , which several hundred people attended
  5. So , beginning from july of 1999 , we hosted six video - lectures in abancay in apurimac province , and chincha , huanuco , barranca , and chimbote , as well as the capital city of ica province . with master s blessing , each event was successful from start to finish . each lecture attracted numerous local people , and many were eager to register for the convenient method
  6. It's difficult to find abancay in a sentence. 用abancay造句挺難的


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