1. Fourteen players left the program during Abatemarco's three-year tenure.
  2. That puts Tom Abatemarco, who succeeded Don Newman, at 2-42.
  3. But Abatemarco does not fit the pattern, and therein lies a medical mystery.
  4. Abatemarco says that for now he is taking life one day at a time.
  5. Neither Abatemarco nor the university officials responded to telephone messages left Monday afternoon seeking comment.
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  7. In the late 1980s, then-Drake coach Tom Abatemarco was looking for an assistant.
  8. But he has not examined Abatemarco.
  9. Abatemarco had been under pressure because of reports of strained relations with some of his players.
  10. Abatemarco briefly smoked, 25 years ago in high school, he said, but not since.
  11. Lead Actor in a Play : Tony Abatemarco, " The Mystery of Irma Vep,"
  12. In 1997, Abatemarco inherited a woeful program that had gone 20-112 the previous five years.
  13. Groups set up to provide assistance to victims of terror are similarly unsure of what to make of Abatemarco.
  14. Abatemarco stresses that he has not sued anyone and that he believes it would be wrong to do so.
  15. Sacramento State basketball coach Tom Abatemarco resigned Monday, a week after the Hornets finished the season 9-18.
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