abatement measure造句

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  1. Noise abatement measure
  2. Abatement - formulating abatement strategies and implementation of noise abatement measures ,
  3. Effect of vehicle exhaust gas on air pollution and its abatement measures in chongqing
  4. We also understand that kcrc is prepared to explore suitable measures where appropriate to fortify the effectiveness of its present noise abatement measures
  5. The price signal may have undercut efforts in developing countries to put in abatement measures in order to sell carbon permits to rich nations
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  7. Contractors who show they are meeting good environmental standards for example , by submitting an environmental management plan , training staff and installing pollution abatement measures will receive the payment
  8. The civil aviation department will continue to stringently implement the above noise abatement measures . the department will also closely monitor aviation technology developments at the international level and study all possible noise mitigation measures
  9. While it will be beyond epd s statutory power to direct kcrc to adopt further noise abatement measures with all the findings showing that mos rail has complied with the statutory limits under the nco , epd will closely monitor mos rail s performance to ensure its continuous compliance
  10. Other noise abatement measures taken include putting noise absorbing lining under the train car , beneath the walkways along the tracks and on the inside of the parapets , adding " skirts " to train vehicles , installing floating slab track and rubber bearings , and extending the walkways and parapets at critical sections


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