abbey beers造句


  1. La Choulotte and Les Brasseurs de Gayant brew Abbey beers among other styles.
  2. There are several beers in the range, and they are marketed as Abbey beers.
  3. The abbey beer business is thriving, selling around Europe, in North America, and Australia.
  4. The microbrewery Le Trou du Diable in Shawinigan created a type of abbey beer in his honor.
  5. I explained to Mr . Mer that our abbey beers are gourmet beers and not for mass consumption,
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  7. Look for a rich, dark and slightly bitter beer, like Rodenbach, a dark Abbey beer or Leffe Dark.
  8. The town also has an abbey beer called Klingse Kalsei which is available during this festival and features the Klingedorpstraat on its label.
  9. The type of beer used is important, and traditionally an Oud bruin, ( Old Brown Beer ) Brune Abbey beer or red currant jelly stirred in.
  10. During the festival, a Belgian Beer Caf?served Stella Artois ( premium lager ), Hoegaarden ( white wheat beer ) and Leffe ( abbey beer ).
  11. In 2016 the brewery began production of an abbey beer, " Den Cister ", named after the Cistercian Oosteeklo Abbey that once stood in the village.
  12. Back in the 1960s, who but world travelers and beer nuts had ever heard of a Belgian abbey beer, much less thought of matching one with Stilton or Roquefort cheese?
  13. It produces a range of beers including " Barbar ", an 8 % abv strong pale ale containing honey, and the " Floreffe " brand of abbey beers.
  14. Today, Belgium's beer category called " abbey " is thriving-with several beers brewed under similar licences to Leffe as well as abbey beers named after abbey ruins or abbeys that no longer exist.
  15. 'Trappist'( strong abbey beer ) and served with French fries .'Waterzooi'is a local stew originally made from freshwater fish caught in the rivers and creeks of Ghent, but nowadays often made with chicken instead of fish.
  16. Although Abbey beers do not conform to rigid brewing styles, most tend to include the most recognizable and distinctive Trappist styles of brune ( Belgian brown ale, aka dubbel ), strong pale ale or tripel, and blonde ale or blond.


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