abbey brewery造句


  1. Numbers 1 and 3 Market Cross are listed buildings, as is the former Abbey Brewery opposite.
  2. The Abbey Brewery had closed in 1956 to be redeveloped as the Head Office of Scottish & Newcastle.
  3. The abbey brewery and other economy buildings found buyers, but the church and convent could not be sold.
  4. It was originally brewed in St . Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny which is Ireland's oldest operating brewery.
  5. In the 1860s, Morland bought Abbey Brewery and Eagle Brewery and in 1885 changed its name to United Breweries.
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  7. Kilkenny was brewed in St . Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny which was the oldest operating brewery in Ireland until its closure in 2013.
  8. In May 2012, the Welbeck Abbey Brewery named one of its speciality Mild ales " Elis " in honour of the horse.
  9. Above all, the construction of the new Scottish Parliament building on the site of the old Younger's Abbey Brewery has led to a resurgence of the area's vitality.
  10. 1900 : Construction of new Midlothian County Buildings begins, replacing old County Hall of 1817; Stockbridge gains a library and hall; character actor Alastair Sim is born; Robert Younger's Abbey Brewery begins brewing
  11. "' Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny "'( formerly St . Francis Abbey Brewery and Kilkenny Brewery ) is a brewery-turned-brewery-tour located on the Medieval Mile in Kilkenny, Ireland.
  12. The company's export trade declined during and after the Second World War, and as a result, the Abbey Brewery in Edinburgh, previously the Younger's brewery, was closed down in 1956 and converted into offices.
  13. The firm acquired Steward & Head in Stratford-upon-Avon, in 1833 and subsequently traded as Charrington & Head Co . The company took over Lewis Meakin's Abbey Brewery in Burton upon Trent in 1872 to become one of the breweries in Burton.
  14. In December 2013, Maria Toevlucht's abbey ( Zundert, the Netherlands ) and St . Joseph's Abbey ( Spencer, Massachusetts, United States ) were both granted the ATP recognition for their trappist beers, followed in 2015 by Tre Fontane Abbey brewery in Rome, Italy.
  15. "Visitor Attractions in Kilkenny " and its environs include Kilkenny Castle and Gardens including the Butler Gallery, St . Canice's Cathedral and round tower, Rothe House and Garden, Shee Arms House, Grace's Courthouse, Butler House, Kilkenny'Slips'and St . Francis Abbey Brewery.


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