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  1. Apart from the church, none of the abbey buildings remain.
  2. Between 1565 and 1575 the Abbey buildings were renovated and expanded.
  3. In 1794 the abbey buildings were used as a military hospital.
  4. The monks had to flee, the abbey buildings were plundered.
  5. In 1835 they found themselves able to fund new abbey buildings.
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  7. There are two pipe organs located within the abbey buildings.
  8. Today the abbey buildings are incorporated into a rice farm.
  9. The abbey buildings became an estate farm owned by nobleman Oluf Brockenhus.
  10. This contributes to the dominant effect of the abbey buildings.
  11. The public can visit the abbey building, the Saint-Remi Museum.
  12. The remains of the abbey buildings were incorporated into houses and municipal buildings.
  13. The Abbey buildings housed the Folkwang Hochschule since 1927.
  14. The abbey buildings were almost entirely destroyed by fire on 6 March 1733.
  15. The abbey buildings took over 75 years to build.
  16. The 1999 archeological excavation uncovered the foundations of the abbey buildings and some bones.
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