abbey clancy造句


  1. In January 2015 Nmcov?replaced Abbey Clancy as the face of Ultimo underwear.
  2. The series was won by Abbey Clancy and Alja ~  Skorjanec on 21 December 2013.
  3. Robinson came 3rd in the second series of Britain's Next Top Model which also featured Abbey Clancy.
  4. The song was adopted as a signature track for WAGs-Abbey Clancy, Alex Curran, Coleen Rooney and Elen Rives.
  5. They reached the finals and became one of the runners-up, along with Susanna Reid and Kevin Clifton, losing to model Abbey Clancy.
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  7. This cycle featured former cycle 2 contestant and fashion model Abbey Clancy as the host of the show alongside a judging panel consisting of male model Paul Sculfor, fashion photographer Nicky Johnston and Fashion Director of " The Daily Telegraph ", Hilary Alexander.
  8. During their time at the competition, the couple were never at the top or bottom of the leaderboard, and on Week 5, despite receiving their highest score of the series, they were eliminated after losing out in the dance-off to Abbey Clancy and Alja ~  Skorjanec.
  9. Mcloughlin, who married Wayne Rooney in June 2008 and who was variously described as a " chavette ", by " A-level student at the time  girlfriend of Theo Walcott, who, at seventeen, was himself the youngest member of the England squad; Abbey Clancy, girlfriend of Peter Crouch; Steven Gerrard's fiance Alex Curran, a model frequently featured in tabloids and fashion magazines; and former Spanish waitress Elen Rives, the then fianc閑 of Frank Lampard.


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