abbey colleges造句


  1. Sacred Heart's facilities are now used by Belmont Abbey College.
  2. Halfway through North Carolina State University, McHenry transferred to Belmont Abbey College.
  3. Abbey College Birmingham is a college based in buildings overlooking St Paul's Square.
  4. He also served as president of Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina from 1989 to 1990.
  5. At some colleges, for instance Abbey College, the university's only fully postgraduate college.
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  7. The Abbey College is an international boarding school providing education mainly for students from countries outside the United Kingdom.
  8. He resigned from his position after the 1953 and became the first head basketball coach at Belmont Abbey College.
  9. In 2011, the reading room at Abbey College at the University of Otago was named in her honour.
  10. Abbey College, Ramsey resulted from the amalgamation of the previous two secondary schools, Ailwyn School and Ramsey Abbey School.
  11. In 1967, he was the first Protestant to receive an honorary degree from Belmont Abbey College, a Roman Catholic school.
  12. The Abbey Players of Belmont Abbey College were founded in 1883, and have been a part of campus life for over a century.
  13. Haylie is a former college standout softball player at Belmont Abbey College who is currently an RN at a nearby children's hospital.
  14. He left Marian in June 1989 . He served as the interim President of Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina from 1989 to 1990.
  15. He answered an ad in the New Statesman that landed him at Newbattle Abbey College where he studied writing under the Scottish poet, Edwin Muir.
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