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  1. The stomach is a large pouch located high in the abdominal cavity .
  2. Infection spreads to the membranes lining the abdominal cavity and supporting the organs within it. this condition is known as peritonitis .
  3. Nonsurgical therpies for the gut and abdominal cavity
  4. Flowing over abdominal cavity of cancer cells during the operation
    8 .術中腫瘤細胞溢入腹腔內
  5. This muscle runs obliquely downwards inside the abdominal cavity
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  7. Single use puncture needle for internal organs and abdominal cavity
  8. Medico - legal assessment of blood accumulation in human abdominal cavity caused by penetrating wounds
  9. Other vital organs inside the abdominal cavity include the liver , the kidneys , the pancreas and the spleen
  10. Image 3 : coronal scan showing large dilated bowel protruding outside the abdominal cavity with debris inside
    圖3 :冠狀面掃查顯示巨大的擴張的腸管突出到腹腔外,其內可見碎屑回聲。
  11. The clinical analysis of antibiotics irrigation into abdominal cavity in the treatment of 60 cases with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
  12. For instance , a colonoscope is used to detect growths inside the colon , and a laparoscope is used to examine the abdominal cavity
  13. The condition is a painful and potentially fatal inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity often caused by infection in an organ
  14. Mechanism of traditional chinese herb medicinal compound reduping enhancing phagocytosis of macrophages in abdominal cavity of mice with heat stroke
  15. Hernias that occur within the abdominal cavity due to defects of the broad ligament of the uterus are very rare with less than 70 cases being reported in the literature
  16. Researchers have successfully grown new intestines and bladders inside animals ' abdominal cavities , and work has begun on building liver , heart and kidney tissue
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