abidin dino造句


  1. G鼁in married to Abidin Dino in 1943 in Adana, Turkey.
  2. She was married with the painter Abidin Dino ( 1913 1993 ).
  3. Subject to political pressure and prosecution, Abidin Dino left Turkey in 1952 to settle in Paris, France.
  4. There are life-size figures of Y1lmaz G黱ey, painter Abidin Dino and author Orhan Kemal ( 1914-1970 ).
  5. He had had to sell the paintings given to him as gifts by Abidin Dino to pay for bringing out the very last issue.
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  7. The platform contains all the content information related with the items in SSM s Arts of the Book and Calligraphy Collection, The Painting Collection, Abidin Dino Archive and Emirgan Archive.
  8. For eight years from 1954, Abidin Dino participated in the " Salon de Mai " exhibitions in Paris, while Guzin Dino produced programmes for Radio France, taught Sorbonne, and did French translations of Turkish literature.
  9. Telling about her life with Abidin Dino, the Turkish policy and the memories with Naz1m Hikmet to the younger generations, she used to lament that " That country never showed respect and dignity for its valued citizens ".
  10. At the exhibition, the polyester mockups of his larger-than-life statues and busts of people from Turkey's history such as Atat黵k, 0smet 0n鰊? Abidin Dino, Karacaolan, Ya _ ar Kemal, ^ erife Bac1, Muzaffer Sar1s鰖en and other.
  11. Gatherings with friends such as Bedri Rahmi Ey黚olu, Abidin Dino, Necati Cumal1, Sabahattin Ey黚olu, Oktay R1fat and Melih Cevdet, who had all found themselves in a similar situation after the changes in the Ministry of Education, led to the idea of bringing out a new magazine together at the end of 1948.
  12. While in Paris, Topuz interviewed for the Turkish daily newspapers notable people like painter Fikret Mualla ( 1903 & ndash; 1967 ), poet Naz1m Hikmet ( 1902 & ndash; 1963 ), journalist Zekeriya Sertel ( 1890 & ndash; 1980 ), painter Abidin Dino ( 1913 & ndash; 1993 ) ), painter Nejat Devrim ( 1923 & ndash; 1995 ) and General Nikolaos Trikoupis ( 1869 & ndash; 1956 ), who commanded Greek troops during the Turkish War of Independence and became a prisoner of war.


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