ability to bargain造句

"ability to bargain"是什麽意思   


  1. Don't underestimate your ability to bargain for a better price at outlet stores.
  2. The line-item veto gives the president more of an ability to bargain with the Congress about all kinds of things.
  3. _Wealthy expectoration expert with highly developed athletic skills and an ability to bargain with millionaires . ( Professional baseball player .)
  4. "He's situated himself in the extreme center, giving him the ability to bargain very easily with the right, left and populists,"
  5. Unionization and the ability to bargain collectively that would come with it are not ideas that league officials are eager to embrace now.
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  7. Fraud is on the rise, they contend, and any new curbs on their ability to bargain with debtors would only make things worse.
  8. The parties agreed upon set prices, often with a high premium, but the various nations lost their ability to bargain and trade in the open market.
  9. Though California requires vendors to buy resale licenses and pay sales tax, the lack of overhead and the ability to bargain can result in cheaper merchandise.
  10. The government should find strategies from international forums such as the World Trade Organisation and Food and Agriculture Organisation to improve the country's ability to bargain.
  11. "Further emphasis on low price will likely yield few benefits today, " it added, especially because many hospitals have merged, thereby increasing their ability to bargain for increases in fees.
  12. "We'll have a huge number of new workfare workers pushed into the workforce, and this oversupply of free help will depress wages for other workers and have an enormous impact on unions'ability to bargain ."
  13. Perhaps in the end it will, but it will demand some kind of price, and the fact is that, whether or not the Lewinsky saga distracted the president, it has certainly weakened his ability to bargain.
  14. Ruling 4-1 in a dispute involving supermarket workers and meat cutters who withdrew from the Food and Commercial Workers union, the board said a union's ability to recruit new members is directly tied to its ability to bargain collectively with employers.
  15. This would have allowed escape from an agreement if without independent advice one person's ability to bargain for better terms had been heavily impaired, and would have essentially given courts broader scope to change contracts to the advantage of weaker parties.
  16. Argentina's relatively inflexible labour market has been cited as a component of the country's high unemployment problem, and in the 1990s the government struggled to introduce labour laws which, among other things, would reduce the ability to bargain collectively above the enterprise level, and increase labour market flexibility.
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