ability to bear造句

"ability to bear"是什麽意思   


  1. it have ability to bear producing of vegetable and watermelon seed from inside and outside national
  2. the necessary method to success is to exercise the ability to bear the tough time and fatigue
  3. on the other hand, in the transition interim, the social values have changed, public power becomes fragile by the abilities to bear of alienation masses, and stress the social influences of the turbulence of administrative ethics
  4. ka kang also said that while mercury is not yet evidence that the same will affect women's ability to bear children, but many medical study found that the mercury content of the female body too high, it will affect the health of the fetus, the more serious will be born teratogenic
  5. the game result is mainly determined by following factors, including the advantages of shareholders, their attitudes to risks and ability to bear risks, the concentration of internal shareholding structure, the restraint of property right, the external formal and informal institutional arrangements and the distribution conditions of enterprise financial governance
  6. It's difficult to find ability to bear in a sentence. 用ability to bear造句挺難的


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