ability to benefit造句


  1. It gives them the ability to benefit financially from being a prudent health care shopper.
  2. If the college is satisfied that the student has the ability to benefit successfully from the course.
  3. But the crackdown could hinder the group's ability to benefit from any weakening of the Tehran government.
  4. Giving someone a partially effective vaccine could drastically reduce their ability to benefit from more powerful ones that will inevitably follow.
  5. After a few petty demonstrations, the priest becomes enthusiastic and suggests that Fotheringay should use these abilities to benefit others.
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  7. Bouchard's group has no plans to tell its study participants what their genes reveal about their ability to benefit from exercise.
  8. DirectCX cameras, recorders, and ISS offer the ability to benefit from IDIS quality, while complementing existing investments in coaxial cabling.
  9. Many also have the ability to benefit from spells of a certain kind, absorbing particular kinds of energy and using it to heal themselves.
  10. Finland beat the United States and Singapore in global rankings of national ability to benefit from information and communication technology, said a study released Wednesday.
  11. In addition, the applicant must have a high school diploma or a GED or be able to demonstrate the ability to benefit from the program.
  12. It provides education for all local and expatriate children aged from two to 18 years with identifiable problems that affect their ability to benefit from mainstream education.
  13. His improvement in this and other tasks illustrates that the hippocampus is not essential for all forms of learning, including the ability to benefit distributed practice.
  14. Large companies such as Ayala Land are the favored investments of foreign funds because of their size, perceived stability, and ability to benefit from economic growth.
  15. The constraints that the board placed on Wexner's ability to benefit from the stock repurchase program might have been intended to quell the concerns of some large investors.
  16. "The drawback, " he added, " depending on the age and personality, is less flexibility and less ability to benefit from " priestly training.
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