ability to conceive造句

"ability to conceive"是什麽意思   


  1. But some people have the ability to conceive work and bring it to conclusion.
  2. "Fecundity is a critical thing because, as the female ages, her ability to conceive declines dramatically.
  3. A : BEING a vegetarian should not affect your ability to conceive and carry a child.
  4. The sessions include information on how the procedure harms health and ability to conceive and bear children.
  5. It is beyond our ability to conceive that somehow destiny made him to go on this flight,
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  7. It was as Caliban that perhaps Mr . Bennett showed his true ability to conceive a role.
  8. "As you get older, there's a natural loss of fecundity, the ability to conceive on a given cycle,"
  9. The changes have increased the risk that a sexually transmitted disease will compromise the ability to conceive and bear a child.
  10. For Ramberg, 26, the job depends on his ability to conceive the piece in his mind and focus on drafting it precisely.
  11. She defined spatial skill as the ability to conceive of and understand the placement of objects and images in two-or three-dimensional space.
  12. Over 90 % of women with malignant, non-spreading cancer are able to survive and retain their ability to conceive and bear children.
  13. The general conception is that women have a closer relationship to the divine ( because-pardon my OR-of the ability to conceive children ).
  14. They have a lack of object permanence, which means they have little or no ability to conceive things as existing outside their immediate vicinity.
  15. Possessing courage, intelligence, decisiveness, resourcefulness, power, independence, the ability to conceive and carry out a plan effectively, as well as the art of rhetoric.
  16. Now nothing stands between Hecht and the child she already has named Wyatt _ nothing, that is, except her ability to conceive children at the age of 41.
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