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  1. Since 1980s he has been studying the mechanism of normalization of abnormal blood pressure and the resetting of baroreceptor reflex by acupuncture and somatic nerve stimulation , effects of brain osmoreceptor stimulation on sympathetic nerve discharge and renal activity , the role of vasopressin in body fluid and salt homeostasis , difference in gene expression between hypertensive and normotensive rats , hypertension and cardiac ischemia - induced myocardial remodeling , effect of steroids on the nervous system , etc . with his research achievements , dr . yao was awarded science and technology progress prize sponsored by the state education commission grade a award in 1986 , grade b award in 1995 and by the ministry of health grade b award in 1989 and 1993 , grade a award of guang - hua science and technology prize 1995 , and chinese universities science and technology prize grade b award in 2000
    近二十年來,他主要從事針刺和刺激軀體神經對心血管和腎臟活動的調整作用刺激腦內滲透壓感受器引起的交感神經放電和腎臟活動的改變血管升壓素在心血管活動調節和水鹽平衡中的作用原發性高血壓的相關基因高血壓和心肌梗死引起的心肌重構甾體激素對神經系統的影響等。他的科研成果曾獲得國家教委科技進步獎一等獎一項1986年二等獎一項1995年衛生部醫藥衛生科技進步獎二等獎二項1989 1993年光華科技基金獎一等獎一項1995年中國高校科學技術獎二等獎一項2000年。
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